Team Morgan Ohio

Team Morgan has been set up and is all about our family. Morgan and Maddy are our two daughters and our whole world. Morgan has been struggling with mental illness now for several years. She is our youngest daughter and so brave as well as strong.

Maddy is our oldest daughter and is so very supportive of her little sister. They have both found love and security with their horses Boo Kisses and Ginger.

Life isn't always easy for anyone - but the horses sure do make it very interesting as well as give the girls best friends soulmates who will never jusdge nor reject them.

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Team Morgan Ohio fights for patience; acceptance; and respect for all children and their families that are fighting mental illness.

Miss Morgan's Story


Morgan is a wonderful; vibrant and shy 10 year old girl. She is very loving and kind. Morgan needs what we all need; love.


Morgan's best friend is a very kind and loving soul. Who is patient; sweet; and non-judgmental.

Wonderful Maddy


Maddy is 12 years old. Her life hasn't been easy either. But she does love her sister; and she loves horses.

To Donate toward the medical bills and also the care of Boo Kisses and Ginger Velvet please go to Go Fund Me Team Morgan Ohio Thank you.

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