Her name is Boo Kisses

Morgan; Desiree; and Scooby became fast friends. It was one of the first conversations that I saw Morgan hold with someone other than us or a medical person. Desiree started pointing out wild turkeys on her hill; and Morgan looked. Then when Desiree told Morgan to kick Scooby. . . .Morgan answered "won't I hurt him?" It was pure joy!

Her name is Boo Kisses.


After several months of being with Desiree weekly and Maddy began riding as well. Desiree mentioned to us that we may want to think about purchasing a horse for Morgan. And Desiree made room in her stable for our girl!


We talked to my parents and they agreed to purchase an affordable horse for Morgan. We looked at a few horses; then Desiree actually is the one that found Boo. Morgan and Maddy named her. They shortened her previous name of "Boop" to "Boo" and she soon earned her middle name "Kisses" always greeting Morgan with a quick kiss.


Boo is definitely a very important member of our family. Since Morgan has had her she has not been admitted to the hospital. And she has had medications reduced.


Most importantly Morgan has a friend that never judges her; and is always there for her. We are over joyed to have Boo in our lives and never take her for granted. We are grateful to Desiree for making room for our girl and helping us learn about these gentle giants.

My best friend

Never Says a Word To Me

Finding hope


Have you ever met anyone or anything in your life and it just made complete sense?


This is how we feel about our Boo girl. And of course all who helped us find her. Boo is a rescue not in your typical sense we did not find her in a shelter. Boo rescued Morgan.


When Morgan's symptoms worsened and she wasn't able to attend school for her 3rd grade year. Her whole life became nothing but doctors appointments and medications. She slept majority of the time because her mind was going in so many directions. Morgan was not living the life that anyone would want.


My parents are always together. They have been married for "over half of a century" as Maddy puts it. But there was one day that my dad and I started talking in his garage, and I just told him this isn't a life for her. I felt like everyday instead of bringing her back to reality we were losing her even more. And my Dad suggested horses. He said that is where he felt secure as a teenager and then again when he came home from the Vietnam War.


It wasn't easy to find someone who was willing to help us though. We were completely tapped out and when we heard the waiting list and the cost for a horse therapy center about an hour from us we knew we had to find another way. Thus; we just started calling places and mailing letters to peoples homes that we would pass that had horses.


During a meeting Morgan's tutor said that her grand dad had horses and that's when we saw magic. Morgan went out to the farm on a very chilly February day it was sleeting. And she saw and touched her horse. Morgan fell in love with Dot. Then after tutoring ended Morgan's tutor moved out of town. Thus; we began searching again. And we found Desiree.