First Friday August 2015

This banner was donated to us by a wonderful friend. And created at Staples in Alliance

Grandma Peggy! And Grandpa Lester --worked all day and all night

Our area was across from these very fun and friendly belly dancers. They kept the crowd coming all night long

Stephanie; and Jenna were just two of our many helpers.

We were so excited to have the girls with us to talk about Team Morgan Ohio. And it actually became a family affair. Michael and I have been to Columbus and I have been at different events to promote Team Morgan Ohio and talk about our lives but we have never had Maddy and Morgan and so many wonderful members of our family and friends with us.


The Art District of Canton approved Team Morgan Ohio to be a part of the Augsust First Friday Celebration. We met a lot of wonderful people and learned so much about being a part of a festival.


We had corn hole; a craft table and silent auction going. The kids had a whole bunch of fun; and the weather was perfect . We got there at about 3:30 to set up and were there til about 10:00 pm. So hoping that we are invited back; and we have the opportunity to get out there again and talk to folks very soon.

Morgan made friends with all the animals that went by. And see our friend Desiree in the background!