Our girls



Madison is a very bright and beautiful 13 year old girl. Maddy has a wonderful and diva soul as her best friend Ginger Velvet. Ginger came to us Christmas of 2014 and Maddy and Ginger have been challenging each other ever since.

Maddy does not suffer with schizophrenia; however she does have mental scars that comes emotionally with the strongest of siblings raised in a house with a mentally ill sister. Don't misunderstand -- Maddy loves her sister and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world (Most days).

Maddy has a 504 plan set up with our local school district as well as finds peace with music and she loves to cook.


Maddy aspires to have a horse ranch where her and Morgan can live. And she also wants to get to the point where her and Ginger can compete on the circuit.


Madison is very shy; and has her hands full with being a teenager. She is so much fun to be around and absolutely loves mysteries. Maddy also researches about horses all of the time so that she can learn more about her first love. And wants so bad to have multiple horses to take care of and love on.




Loving; kind; significant; beautiful and special.

Morgan is like most little sisters she looks up to her sister Maddy, but she thinks that when Maddy gets all "girlie girl" she is just gross. Morgan loves every animal that she meets. Morgan is a definite lover; not a fighter when she is feeling great.

Morgan's aspriations are to live on a huge horse ranch some day and train horses.

Morgan tries her best at everything that she tries.

Her absolute favorite thing in the world is to be out at the stable. Morgan is happy just being with the horses. Whether she is brushing or grooming. Or just giving treats. Of Course she will take any opportunity to climb on Boo's back as well.

Honestly, I could go on and on about our wonderful girls. It is our pleasure being their parents. We are hoping that the world continues to become a better place for them to grow and be in.

There is no doubt in our minds; that whatever they do they will be successful.

All of the stress that they have had to handle and changes they have done well. There isn't anything that they could do that we would love them any less.

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