Introducing Morgan



Trying to describe Morgan isn't easy. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe our love for her. Morgan is so very strong; probably the bravest child we have ever met. She not only learns how to be a great person with each moment of her life; but she battles child on-set schizophrenia.

Someone asked me recently if it was the good schizophrenia or the bad. Which I asked them to explain; what they were asking was are the images that she deals with friends or foe.

To answer their question; unfortunately Morgan's disease does not come with any positive influences. Morgan has been confined to the psychiatric floor of the nearest Children's Hospital because they were going to harm her or us.

We have not had to feel afraid of her or them since this latest medication regiment and also the addition of our Boo girl. It seems as if Morgan is able to handle her differences; and obstabcles.


Any donations can be made through the Please look up Team Morgan Ohio on their site. All donations are appreciated. We are trying to pay off nearly $50k that we owe in medical bills.