Team Morgan Promotes:

Patience; Acceptance; Respect

I truly believe that we do "find ourselves with the things that we love."


Michael and I both worked very hard working our ways up to the ladder so to speak with our careers. It was an easy decision for me though; when Kathy looked at me and said it is either stay home with Morgan or she may have to go to a group home. There was no way Michael or I was ready to have the State of Ohio make the decisions for our child. After all; the state is not in the business of raising children. And she is our child. A little soul that looks to us to make everything okay. And as I have been quoted as saying many times "If Morgan was diagnosed with any other life changing disease no one would be having a conversation with us -- we may have to make alternative living arrangements for her." However; I am not saying anything against anyone who has had to make the choice to have their child live in another home or away from the rest of the family. I am not in their shoes; nor am I judge or jury.


Now we are a one income family. Michael was very lucky and blessed to find a position here in our small town. And words like food banks; Medicaid; SSI; IEP; and 504 are in our vocabulary. It was very hard to walk away from our beloved home. Even harder to explain to our daughters; and our parents that we had too. I know probably think that it is insane that none of us are ready to go back over to that neighborhood where we once lived. It isn't because that we didn't like our beloved neighbors; it just represents broken dreams to us. And the girls both look at it as a lot of bad memories. In fact Morgan said shortly after we got to our new home "Mommy I don't remember anything bad happening here."


Both Michael and I are very involved in speaking out for children with mental illness. We have met parents that have had to give custody of their children to their state; or have had to make different living arrangements for their children to keep the rest of their family safe. And then there is us; who have lost everything to save our daughter. And the scariest thing is we don't know if she will always be able to be with us. Because after all; Michael and I are going to age; and Morgan is going to grow and change. But when we close our eyes we know that we have done everything possible to keep Morgan safe and stable.


In our spare time we are always trying to read up on; and learn more about the schizophrenia and also horses. We are always trying to stay one step ahead of the disease. So that we can be prepared to help Morgan as well as Maddy.


We have been lucky enough to have articles done about Morgan in Good Housekeeping magazine as well as our local paper The Repository. Our local NBC affiliate News Channel 21 came to our previous home and did a story on Boo and Morgan http://www.wfmj.com/story/28984985/horse-providing-invaluable-support-to-family-of-child-with-schizophrenia


We thank our friends; our family; and you for taking your time to join Team Morgan Ohio. And checking out our pages as well as our site. With your help we are hoping that there will be an end to the mentally ill not being able to get the help that they need to live long, healthy, productive, and sane lives. There is strength in numbers; which means that there is hope for all to be accepted; loved; and given tolerance. And after all that is what every child wants and deserves.


God Bless you all.







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